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Membership:  Membership, as defined in Article II of the CSSC bylaws, is open to anyone who has an interest in the separation sciences.  Special membership, as defined by Article II Section 4, is open to students and retirees (emeritus status).  Corporate sponsorship is separate from membership.  Additional information for corporations can be found here.

Become a Member:  To register for membership in the CSSC, you may use our online system by clicking the link below.  The CSSC Board of Directors has waived membership fees for 2005.

Our Website:  In 2002, the CSSC upgraded its website to better serve our membership.  Our current website features a membership services area that allows our members to make and cancel meeting reservations, as well as update their contact information 24 hours a day!  Our site is secured using 128-bit encryption technology from GeoTrust® to protect your personal data during transmission to our site.

Benefits of Online Membership:  

1.  Emailed meeting announcements and information about the CSSC.
2.  Ability to make and cancel meeting reservations for themselves online.
3.  Ability to make and cancel meeting reservations for their guests online.
4.  Ability to update their contact information online at any time online.
5.  Ability to resign their CSSC membership at any time online.

Registering online saves you time, since you can perform all of these functions yourself,
24 hours a day, without the need to send emails to our secretary.

Click Here to become a CSSC Member

For information on corporate sponsorship, click here.

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